quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

Resume 1

Hi guys! I'm doing e resumes of the text and videos that I read and watch. This is the first.
Flying to Brazil
The text told  the story of three youngs that won a contest in the TV show in the Spoke TV. The contest was in three areas: text, video and music. The winners was Niara, a young mozambican woman, Yoshi, a young japanese man and Gunnar, a young Norwegian man. The prize of contest was a trip to Brazil and to produce one documentary “Expedition Brazil”.

After the program they might communicate through the chat to plan the trip and to know each other. In the flying they met them and talked about your lives, dreams and about  the trip. Niara want to be writer, Gunnar want to be musician and yoshi, photographer and director producer. They discussed about the Brazil, and about what they want to know there. Then, they open the map and realized how big Brazil is, 5 regions and each region has several states with different cultures.  After all , they slept..

When they arrived in São Paulo, the Spoke TV team was waiting for them and took them to the hotel. Mirian, the director, showed them the city through the van’s windows, and told many stories about the city. Niara, Gunnar and Yoshi filmed and photographed everything. Afterward, they arrived in the hotel. Caue, Nanda and Hugo (Spoke TV team) stayed  too.

The next  day, they went out early to know the Museum Portuguese Language. and everyone was impressed with the city, the builds and the museum, in particular Niara because she speaks portuguese.

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  1. Belo enredo! Leve, autêntico e com uma narrativa interessante. Vou acompanha-la por aqui. A propósito, gostei bastante da resenha sobre a obra de Carlo Ginzburg. Tenho peculiar interesse em micro-história.